20 Maggio 2024


The Wildlife Research Center of Maiella National Park cordially invites wildlife veterinarians, biologists, One Health professionals, wildlife and ecosystem managers, researchers, and students to share their knowledge and experience at the International Symposium on Wildlife Capture and Chemical Immobilization to be held in Caramanico Terme (PE), Abruzzo Region, Italy on October 19-21, 2023.

This Symposium is held at a critical juncture in the evolution of the global interface between humans and wildlife. Human activities and development can eliminate habitat and native species, thereby altering ecosystem equilibrium requiring urgent conservation intervention for some species. On the other hand, the abandonment of rural areas by humans can have marked ecological consequences on wildlife such that predators and prey species migrate from their former ecological refuges. Conversely, other species move from rural into urban areas.

The science, as well as the art, of capturing wild animals is an ancient human endeavor that has fundamentally evolved over time. In this historical, Anthropocene age, animal capture is a critical component in correcting the relationship among humans, the environment, and wildlife. However, animal capture cannot ignore animal welfare concerns whether for conservation, research, or disease management and control.

Now more than ever, these criticalities emphasize the need to develop best practices that integrate physical and chemical capture methodologies with animal behavior, physiology, and welfare. This Symposium should serve as an opportunity to advance animal capture to meet these goals.

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